Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New Kyosho Plazma Formula F1

Source: Hobbymedia.it

  • Similar wide dimensions (F103) to the KF-01: that was the motif of F1 machines of the 1990s.
  • Uses strong FRP such as the main chassis plate. The racing design does not include unnecessary parts.
  • External sections are anodized in black while pitching shock and side link are anodized in Kyosho’s signature red color.
  • Suspension realizes stable performance through the front strut/center pivot and rear side link. Front/rear side springs provide reliable coil spring effect. Optional springs for Plazma Ra can be used.
  • Features pitching shock with diaphragm and friction tube on roll damper (lazer etched with Kyosho logo).

Chassis Technical Data
Ground Clearance5mm approx.
Tread (F/R)164mm / 166~172mm
Wheel(F/R)Φ36mm x 30mm / Φ36mm x 45mm
Weight1,100g approx.
MotorBrushless (sold separately)

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