Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cody King's new MP9 is Beautiful!!!

Here is a statement of Paul King:

"I was talking to Eoghain O'Brien from Red RC at Nitro Challenge about doing something special for Cody's car, kind of acknowledging what he did in Pattaya. It just made too much sense to go RED... Red Samurai, Red Army, Orion engine is red, Cody's car is red, Kyosho red... easy choice, right? 

I want to acknowledge Danco Anodizing in Arcadia California, and also Cody's friend Colin Herzig for making the arrangements. Also, Colin's Dad has a machine shop, Production Lapping Inc., out of Monrovia. They have been helpful too on a number of small things we have done to Cody's cars."

Source/Fonte: Paul King

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