Saturday, 2 April 2011

Q&A with Jared Tebo

Tebo: "I really want some redemption from Thailand"

Q: Jared you’ve had a mega start to 2011, a Double at the Nitro Challenge with two very different style victories, the titanic battle for the truggy win and the composed champion’s drive in buggy, how are you feeling as you look ahead to races like the Silver State, Neo11 and your ROAR Nationals title defence ?

Jared Tebo:
Yeah The Dirt Nitro Challenge went really good. It was sooooo much fun having my Dad back at the track for that race. It doesn't change my look at the rest of the year. It was great to win and gain some confidence, but I always go to win. I feel really good and just can't wait for the next race.

Q: Over the close season day by day you announced your intentions, staying with Kyosho, Orion, AKA, KO but switching fuels from Byron to the unknown Maxima brand, happy so far ?
JT: Switching to Maxima has been great. I feel really blessed to have been given this opportunity. They were so happy after the debut race. It couldn't have been better for them. The product is actually extremely good as well. Testing can be tricky, but that first time you race with something new is the true test.

Q: One aspect which seems to have changed for you in 2011 is fuel mileage, at races in 2010 you were coming in at the normal 8~9 minute mark with the others but at the Nitro Challenge you seemed able to go significantly longer per tank, was this only the case at the Nitro Pit or is it something we may continue to see in 2011?
JT: HAHA....Yeah I am not known for getting great mileage. I never have....back on the TTR days I had to pit in 7 minute qualifiers. I pull my throttle very slow and smooth, which you would think would be great for that, but it is too slow. The engine can't clean out midrange I have always struggled with my engines being rich. I have tried everything. Just for example Cavalieri pulls real quick. I run my engine 1 turn leaner on the bottom end and my midrange would still be rich. Orion has made different needles, carbs, everything. When I started my engine with the Maxima fuel, I could feel a difference. The unique ingredients have totally cured my problem I have had for 11 years. As for just being a fluke thing at The Dirt....I hope that isn't the case. We will just have to wait and see.

 The many colours of Tebo: Pro RC Car driver & style icon

Q: What are your main goals for 2011 – being an interim year there are no 8th Worlds, perhaps more focus on 10th scale ?

Main goals are always to just leave the race knowing I did all I could do. I would love to keep my 1/8 ROAR Nats titles. I will do all I can to keep those. Also 1/10 worlds are this year and I really want some redemption from Thailand. I will be very determined to be ready for the Worlds in both classes.

Q: There’s a buzz surrounding Jared Tebo Products, no doubt helped by your very colourful coordination of shirts & outfits over the past few months, how is that project coming along ?
JT: Yeah I get a lot of comments on all my different colors. I like it...I always hated wearing the same shirt everyday. Well I have plans, but just trying to get everything together. Megan (Jared's wife) is actually going to be staying home now and JTP is her new project. We feel it can be something great for us, but I just don't have enough time and patience to get it from paper to reality. Our realistic goal is to be up and running January 2012.

Q: You’re making a return to the Neo Race at Harper Adams once again, you won the first neo in ’05 and then again in ’09, this time you’ll be up against Adam Drake – multiple winner at Harper Adams and generally feared at the track, can you make it your 3rd Neo win ?
JT: I'm really excited to be going back. I love that style of track and the loose conditions. I can't wait. I think that my car will be great, I just need to drive good. I would love to win again at Neo. I just hope I can go a qualifier without stopping for fuel! It will be awesome I'm sure.

Q: Tell us about the latest trend that’s developing amongst a few Pro RC drivers – hobby fishing ?!
JT: Well my fishing career started last summer. I decided to ride Mx too early after surgery and totally wrecked my foot. I was not able to really do anything. My friend fished and I got hooked! Haha :) It is awesome though, pretty relaxing, and nice way to get a good tan. I had my first day back last week. I still had it! Hooked 3 nice bass. I don't eat fish though....I'm all about catch and release. It killed me not to fish at the track in Thailand....that dude had a SICK setup!


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