Monday, 25 April 2011

Tebo 3x Neo Race Champion

Tebo 3x Neo Race Champion - at all of them he has TQ'd and won... ('05, '09, '11)

Finals day rolled around and it was a nice day to finish off proceedings at this year's Neo race, the semis were fast-paced and hectic as the always are, the major story from the A being Ronnefalk - in a comfortable position until a flame out, cue a ballistic drive up to fight with Boots for the 8th spot which might have put either one in the final, had it not been for Adam Drake.

A flame out at the start made life very tough for the 2x Neo champion, but he made it to the main, ousting Boots as the magic bonus 8th place. Starting on pole Jared Tebo made sure that any battling and action would not involve him, as he opened up a small gap of a few seconds, first to Neil Cragg, then to others as the 'lead chaser' role switched. Tebo was utterly dominant, never really pushing himself to the limit, driving a very controlled precise final.

No such luck for Ryan Lutz, unfortunately not the best of starts put him towards the rear, similarly high hopes for Ryan Maifield ebbed away as he didn't get the start he would have needed to latch onto Tebo's towbar and challenge him...

In the end the last lap action boiled down to Cavalieri vs. Batlle, the latter of the two - 2nd for much of the race, reclaiming that spot - a feat Robert was clearly delighted with as he showed emotion at the end of the race. In the end, and as we've written here a few times before in years gone by, no one had an answer for Tebo in the final, a deserved win for the young father.


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