Tuesday, 13 September 2011


The definitive 4WD LAZER ZX-5 FS2 racing buggy takes another jump forward with this SP version!
Rigid feel and smooth running produce even more performance in this high-tech racing weapon!

The new“ZX-5 FS2”has been engineered to put the power and performance of the brushless motor age in your hands. Standard equipment includes big bore shocks (previously optional), tungsten diff balls, strengthened uni-crank, aluminium battery post compatible with various battery sizes and clamp screw aluminum hex wheel hubs. These features combine to deliver improved scope for setting options, rock-solid running stability with excellent damping characteristics and high durability. Also, each aluminum part is anodized in gun metallic color for a dynamic and stylish finish. With the latest advancements in racing performance, the LAZER ZX-5 FS2 SP puts victory at every race within your grasp!

  • Equipped with big bore shocks featuring anodized gun metallic shock caps and dial adjuster.
  • Change from steel to tungsten diff balls delivers vastly increased strength and durability.
  • Screw clamp aluminum hex hubs firmly fix wheels in place.
  • Gun metallic anodized finish to motor mount and suspension holders.
  • Uni-crank part of the servo saver changed to high strength material.
  • Unique mechanical layout of the LAZER ZX-5 and reverse rotation of shaft minimizes anti-torque generated when throttle is applied and taken off.
  • High precision 2-piece slipper clutch delivers high efficiency transfer of power to traction.
  • Battery layout achieves optimum weight distribution.
  • Compatible with Sub C type NiCd and NIMH batteries.
  • Tie rod and upper rod united into a single part for improved maintenance efficiency.
  • Includes masking sheet for easy painting of the aerodynamic body.
  • Velvet coating of the shock cases realizes smooth and reliable damping effect and improved traction.
  • Threaded aluminum battery post holds batteries of various sizes safely and securely.
Source/Fonte: Kyosho

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