Saturday, 10 September 2011

New Mini-Z Autoscale Releases

RC1993 Kankunen Toyota Celica (October)
Porsche 934RSR Orange (October)
HONDA NSX Type S · Zero Imola Orange Pearl (May 10)
Pearl Orange Murcielago LP670 (December)
Fairlady Z Aero Metallic Blue (October?)
RX-7 FC3S Aero Blue (December)
Sold out in previous versions of red, blue added to the FC body really popular.
Now, I is the blue line!!
ARTA HSV-010 2010 (December)
Note the new MF-015 F1 on the background :-)
HAYBRIG HSV-010 2010 (December)
This is the Hobby Show, Limited item!
In order to faithfully reproduce the plating, this body will sell for ¥ 19,425 monted in the chassis, 
and ¥ 4,725 on Autoscale Body only.
This one will be definately a Collector's item and don't worry it will be sold out! :-)
Out ! ! Finally the resurrection! ! ! !
NSX to HSV-R, and I rush is HONDA!
Source/Fonte: RC.P.SANDA Blog


kingpest13 said...

Am I mistaken or are you saying that the 2003 takata is being re-released????

kingpest13 said...

So one could assume that other 2003s are going to be coming too.