Tuesday, 13 September 2011

ULTIMA RB5 SP2 WC Limited Edition

Competition-level 2WD racing buggy is now equipped with even more racing power!
Designed and built to maximize performance from the latest brushless motor technology.

Based on the ULTIMA RB5 SP2 that conquered the Japan Nationals in 2009, this ULTIMA RB5 SP2 WC Limited Edition has been re-engineered and equipped for even more speed. Standard features now include big bore shocks (previously optional) reinforced idler gears for additional strength and efficiency, tungsten diff balls, high strength uni-crank, one-piece shaft and aluminum hex wheel hubs and a large slipper clutch. The front suspension has been modified to add 2mm to the lower suspension arms while maintaining the same tread. Precision suspension stroke reduces camber change while maintaining cornering height to deliver effective traction control and linear control feel. Each aluminum part included in the new ULTIMA RB5 SP2 WC Limited Edition is anodized in gun metallic color for a dynamic style to match performance. This machine is designed and built to challenge at the elite level of 2WD buggy racing.

  • RB5 SP2 has been reinforced with high performance parts previously only available as options.
  • Equipped with big bore shocks featuring anodized gun metallic shock caps and dial adjusters.
  • 2mm longer front suspension arms produce more linear control.
  • Uni-crank part of the servo saver changed to high strength material.
  • Aluminum suspension holders dramatically improve crash resistance.
  • Change from steel to tungsten diff balls delivers vastly increased strength and durability.
  • Transmission incorporates reinforced idler gear to increase strength and performance.
  • Features one-piece steel axle and hex wheel hubs on the front.
  • Clamp screw aluminum hex wheel hubs provide secure traction and precise rotation on the rear.
  • New design large slipper clutch matches the power output of high power motors.
  • Gun metallic anodized aluminum parts add a sharp style finish.
  • Trident body type produces more stability to meet the additional power output.
  • S-type blast wing enhances steering control for increased agility.
  • Velvet coating of the shock cases realizes smooth and reliable damping effect and improved traction.
Source/Fonte: Kyosho

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